About Us

Raise the Bar Above In Every Project We Do ...

Mate Group which has aimed at developing the art of architecture by integrating it with many engineering and science disciplines through its designs and projects, has been actively continued its projects since 2014.

Since Mate Architecture was founded; various residences, tourism establishment, multi-purpose social house-dwelling and medical centres have been designed with a unique perspective in a human-oriented and effective manner.


We aim for setting a higher standart in every project by unifying esthetics and functionality with our ever-growing/developing design understanding and technical approach. Our destination is to be an Architectural Group that will shape the future of architectural trends by carrying its works from national to international platforms.   


We take adding value to life as a mission by creating projects that is sensitive to human being, nature and environment. Producing innovative solutions for you with our off the scale designs and dynamic work tempo. To be a pioneering group that makes a name for itself in the sector with its success and reliability.